A-1H Skyraider Developer Report 8/11/2023

Crosstail Studios’ A-1H Skyraider module for DCS World is advancing swiftly, with significant progress in the flight model, cockpit development, and the AN/APS-6 Radar Pod. Our newly launched website is the hub for updates, showcasing our commitment to delivering an exceptional aviation simulation centered around the iconic A-1H Skyraider. Stay tuned at crosstailstudios.com for the latest developments!

Engage, Explore, and Support Crosstail Studios

Crosstail Studios launches new website with updated sections, including “About,” “News,” “Store,” and “Contact,” providing visitors with development updates, future products, and a partnership with Head Concepts for 3D printing and design services.


Crosstail Studios introduces DCS: A-1H Skyraider, a new third-party developer creating a flight simulator module for this legendary fighter bomber.

Cavanaugh Flight Museum‚Äč

Crosstail Studios ventured to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum to gather references and experiences for their upcoming A-1H Skyraider module in Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). Through 3D scans, measurements, photos, videos, and hands-on exploration of the aircraft, they aim to deliver an unparalleled level of authenticity and realism to virtual pilots.

From Vision to Reality

Crosstail Studios embarks on an exciting journey to develop the A-1H Skyraider module for DCS, starting with meticulous research and reviewing market demands. Through a proof of concept phase, their talented concept artist brings the vision of the aircraft to life, showcasing the immersive experience they aim to deliver to virtual pilots in stunning visuals.